Product Certification

product certification

According to the directives, a product certification made by a Notified body like BCEB is a prerequisite for new products to enter the market. For example, a lift inspector assures the conformity of lifts and different safety components in order to make it possible for a new model to be launched.

product certification

CE Marking

CE marking allows you to legally market and distribute your product within the European Market, and declares that your product complies with all applicable European Directives and Regulations.

CCC China Compulsory Certificate

The Chinese market is huge and, for many manufacturers, largely unknown territory. Whether you intend to export from China or produce for the Chinese market, the two main hurdles are certificates and the language. So you need a guide who speaks the language and can pilot you through ‘certification land’.

CB certification

The scheme was implemented to promote global harmonisation and reduce barriers to trade. Any product carrying a CB certification will be accepted by participating laboratories and certification organisations around the world and be awarded applicable national safety certification.


Until recently companies that produce, import or sell products such as luminaires or transformers had to obtain national certification marks for these products individually. This is both expensive and extremely time-consuming. Now it’s no longer necessary.

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